Wind Compressor Energy System

No Electricity?          No Gas?          No Batteries?          No Problem!

Use the wind powered air compressor as an alternative energy source.

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Windmill Generated Compressed Air.
The Most Powerful Pond Aerator On The Market.
Capable of pumping 1,200 gallons of water per hour.
Highest output of ANY wind powered air compressor on the market.
Our Wind Compressor blows away . . . away the competition.

Windmill Energy Applications:

      • Pond Aerator
      • Run Pneumatic Tools
      • Aero-ponics
      • Auto Repair Shops
      • Beverage Dispensers
      • Create Free Electricity

wind power

    • Pneumatic Pump
    • Lake Aerator
    • Air Motors and Equipment
    • Tire Inflator
    • Auto Body Shops




Green Storable Wind Energy

You may be eligible for a 30% tax credit!
Ask your tax preparer about the Federal Tax Credit 25D with the purchase of each wind turbine.

Made in America
Proudly Made in America




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