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Wind Compressor Tower

Complete Towers (available in three sizes, made from 6” pipe, primed ready for paint):

  • 44 Foot Wind Compressor Tower.     $2,575
  • 65 Foot Wind Compressor Tower.     $3,655
  • 86 Foot Wind Compressor Tower.     $4,345

Tower Accessory Kits (Kits DO NOT include 6” pipe):

Kits include all shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope cables, wire rope clamps, laser-cut steel plates, steel flanges, clips, pins, hinges and all necessary hardware.

  • 44 Foot Tower Kit.     $1,700
  • 65 Foot Tower Kit.     $1,825
  • 86 Foot Tower Kit.     $2,300







Winch and Cables

Winches (sold separately):

Heavy duty winch and cable design allow for simple operation.  Anchor points are all designed to protect cables.  No need to climb dangerous heights.  Service your unit at ground level.

  • 8,000 Pound Winch for a 44 Foot Tower.     $800
  • 12,500 Pound Winch for 65 and 86 Foot Towers.     $1,050







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