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Windmill Air Compressors (the adjustable pressure release valves are factory set at 175 PSI unless otherwise requested):

We do not use thin rubber diaphrams. We use splash-oil lubricated Jenny and Champion Brand compressors.  We use single-stage and two-stage compressors that produce over five times more PSI and over six times more CFM than other units on the market.





Tired of climbing dangerous tower heights?

With our towers you will no longer need to climb your tower, or rent a crane to raise, lower or service your unit.

Now you can lower the top of the tower right on the ground with the help of a winch to service the unit while standing safely on the ground. You can raise it back up in as little as 20 minutes.





1 Horse Power
Three Blade
11 Foot Rotor Diameter
Single Stage Compressor
Will pump up to 7 CFM at 175 PSI

1 Horse Power


5 Horse Power

5 Horse Power
Three Blade
16 Foot Rotor Diameter
Two Stage Compressor
Will pump up to 15 CFM at 175 PSI



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